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The second Scared Band belonged ot the Greek city state of Thebes. In 1999, David Kulivan, a forestry student at Louisiana State University, claimed that he spotted a pair of Ivory Bills when he was hunting turkey in the Pearl River Wildlife Management Area of Louisiana. Then comes the realization that the man may only have dementia, and the other neighbors only want to put him down for the food in his apartment. Originally named for the commander’s tent, the Praetorian Guard started off as a personal protection detail to Roman Generals, like Scipio Africanus, then grew into a force of 500-1500 guards. There were two elite and specialized units in the Roman imperial forces, one being the Praetorian Guard and the other being the Imperial Germanic bodyguards. They had to capture four prisoners in order to be allowed entry into the ranks of these elite imperial warriors. Like the European powers, the Aztecs could rise an army from their pleasant popular when the need arose for war, but there was a core of professional warriors that donned the skins of the mighty jungle cat, the Jaguar.

In other regions of the world, the idea of specialized and high trained professional soldiers was incorporated into their societies. The Scared Band soldiers were used to protect the city and were trained in equestrian warfare, wrestling and dance. They were well-funded from the city citizens and given estates when retired from service. Samurai were ready for death, and accepted that military service came at a price. For the most part, we were pleased with the product and especially the price point of the Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum. When making your hummingbird food do not add food coloring to the recipe. Who Makes the Best Fast Food Burger? In the 4th century BC, Thebes field an small unit of 300 men, who were paired up, one older, more experienced man to another young man, to form couples. Formally formed in 27 BC by Emperor Augustus to act as a close protection unit for the Emperor, the Praetorian Guard became a force of change in the Roman world until around the 3rd century AD.

No shit. The Praetorian Guards actually auctioned off the throne to Rome to Didius Julianus, who only ruled for three months. The effectiveness of the pleasant archer was proven at the Battle of Crecy, who were vastly cheaper than Knights. All of this added up to that Knights were expected to be the core of the army, that held the line while others ran from battle. Equaling Knights to the modern SOF units like SAS is a little difficult. But, that is true of much of the specialized warrior groups mentioned here, where the Samurai and the SOF of today are more similar is in state-of-mind. Most modern Special Forces soldiers are not directly involved in the politics of their nation, nor are they pledge their loyalty to the leader of that nation. For nearly 500 years, the Knight was symbol of Medieval warfare, and while those armies were composed of archers, pikemen, and regular infantry, the Knights were held in special awe and terror.

By the mid-16th century lightly armored pikemen, cavalry, and matchlock calivers could take down an Knight and there was no wearable armor suit that could protect the Knight from the power of the bullet. Did Britney spears throw a baby down a well? Also, much like modern Special Forces, Knights were the stuff of legend and great deeds, and held in a certain regard by the general public…well, the ones not burning down your village, and killing you. Once again, drawing comparisons between the Samurai and modern day Special Forces is difficult. While of combat were written about the Scared Band of Thebes, some modern historians believe that their deeds were embellished for PR purposes. It is believed that even the name refers to a scared bonding ritual that tied the two men together, leading to great esprit de corps.This was a common practice in Classical Greek military organizations. Once there, training began, shaping these young men into warriors worthy of the donning the Eagle or Jaguar skins.

Unlike the Knights or Samurai, the ranks of the Jaguar and Eagle warriors were filled of young men who rose to the challenge. Under the degeneracy of capitalism, people are thrown out of work to become beggars and petty criminals who focus their attention on the proletariat as they have the least defense. They are nocturnal animals that spend much of their day sleeping, hanging by their claws from tree limbs. Instead of codes of behavior, these warriors of the jungles and the plains, took their fighting ability from the soul of some of the most dangerous animals in the New World. However, they do share similarity in being outfitted in the best gear, training, and ability to wield special weapons. Most Special Forces members are not born into the role, nor are the bulk of them political. Science and technology have allowed our species to increase its population enormously over the recent past 4 generations: from around 2,500,000,000 when I was born in 1941 to 7,500,000,000 in the present time.